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Penis Growth Pills h were dividing the movement into sects. Questions that had Penis Growth Pills been settled centuries before by authority in the old church were dragged forth to renewed discussion. Luther was describing his frequent interviews w.ith the devil in his bed room. Demons and witches were poisoning the air, and bringing calamity and misfortune, against which there was but one safeguard and remedy, reading texts of scripture and prayer. But Penis Growth Pills however the sects might differ in their understanding of the sacred Penis Growth Pills language, upon a number of things they were all agreed every text of scripture was to be taken literally heresy could not Penis Growth Pills be too severely punished a curtailment of the pleasures of life increased the chances of heaven the world was a sink of iniquity destined for Pg 43 early destruction, and presided over by a God who never smiles, and troubled by a devil who never sleeps, the latter Penis Growth Pills with millions of offspring, man pursuing demons, inflicting insanity, sickness and many other of the misfortunes of life. In these beliefs the Penis Growth Pills two churches were in entire accord and must equally answer for the miseries Penis Growth Pills and cruelties they have

Penis Growth Pills inflicted upon humanity in enforcing them. Theories and doctrines so persistently advanced and upheld by both churches, and which have proved so disastrous to Penis Growth Pills h.umanity do not properly belong, and should how to enlarge your penis size have no Penis Growth Pills place in Christianity. They semen enhancer are not only without the authority of the Master, but are mostly in opposition to his teaching Penis Growth Pills and example. The most harmful of them owe their origin to the fables and myths introduced Penis Growth Pills into the sacred book second hand from Egyptian and Oriental sources, centuries before the Christian era, and it is not surprising that legends due to the faculty of romance in the minds of some barbarous Assyrians or Pharos, far back in best diet products on the market the cradles of humanity, when introduced as foundations supplement superstore male enhancement for rules of life, and Penis Growth Pills as explanations of the mysterious processes of nature along the whole line of human advancement should have been constantly rejected Pg 44 and denied by the reasoning portion of mankind, and it is scarcely conceivable that now, within a few months of the Penis Growth Pills twentieth supplements to increase male ejaculate century, they should be upheld by both churches as inspirations of the Deity. Not so surprising either when we

Penis Growth Pills

consider that for seventeen centuries, the undeveloped Penis Growth Pills minds of youth in all Christendom, have been moulded int.o the acceptance of beliefs, which, had they been presented without that gradual absorption in which reason takes no part would have been long ago rejected on account of their improbability. In no place is this better understood than among the churches, and as a consequence, they Penis Growth Pills Penis Growth Pills have been in perpetual contention with each other for the early education of youth. The most inspiring and hopeful spectacle in all humanity is an assemblage, wrapt in the devotional exercises of Christianity, listening attentively to the Penis Growth Pills eloquent ministrations of an earnest leader, who pleads the cause of virtue and charity as it is exhibited in the written life and character of the Model Man. The great central Penis Growth Pills story never wearies in interest, and never grows old a willing sacrifice and suffering for the benefit of mankind. Such never failing kindness, such lessons of brotherhood, such love for men, such tenderness for children, such consideration Pg 45 beyond his time for women, and with such a pathetic and suff

ering end as to capture their emotional natures for all time. A.nd above all bringing the tidings what is a dietary male enhancement of a hope, that comes to men, as a boat of rescue comes to a storm tossed ship slowly sinking into the depths so cherished in Christian households as to become a worshiped member male enhancement premature ejaculation of paravex testerone male enhancement pills them, to be defended as one of them, upheld if need be by force of arms and sacrifice of life. And the lesson of it all, and the hopefulness and inspiration of it all is, that Penis Growth Pills wherever mankind dwells, be it in castles or cottages, amid the crowds of cities, Penis Growth Pills or among quiet country fields, there are laurels penis enlargement at home everywhere among them all for him who will sacrifice himself that others may gain esteem and veneration among them all for him, whose life is pure, and whose ways are ways Penis Growth Pills Penis Growth Pills of kindness and charity. Vice can never reign supreme but for a time amid such inherent Penis Growth Pills affinity for goodness implanted in every human heart, and as the days of Penis Growth Pills general consent and unobstructed knowledge enlighten and control the affairs of men, more Penis Growth Pills and more certain, as time rolls ptx male enhancement review on, Penis Growth Pills will come protests and rebellions against the temporary triumph of evil

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