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Natural Male Enhancement Pills Browning astonished Carlyle by his confident cheerfulness. And his optimism was founded Natural Male Enhancement Pills upon knowledge, or at least did not depend upon ignorance. Natural Male Enhancement Pills Though he believed in the triumph of the divine Pg 295 element in every soul the element of love he recognised the reality of evil, and Natural Male Enhancement Pills Natural Male Enhancement Pills saw life as a battle. But not as a battle between the body and the soul, or between vice and virtue the conflict, for Browning as for Whitman, is ultimately between love as the inmost spirit of life, and all other Natural Male Enhancement Pills virtues and vices whatsoever. Love alone leaves completion in the soul, and solves the enigmas of doubt. Browning s conception of a Democracy, in which all men should be equal in full blown powers, and God should cease to make great men, because the average ma.n would have become great, was set forth in some of the earliest work of a genius as precocious in its development as that of his master Shelley. But it would be easy to exaggerate the relationship which I have indicated. For Browning was a cosmopolitan and delightful gentleman, who in his later years cultivated music and studied yellow parchments and the freaks of human nature, in a Venetian

palace while Whitman was sauntering through old age in the suburb of an American city, appearing by comparison uneducated, uncouth and provincial. Appearance is, however, deceptive, for the male enhancement surgery in va earth Walt smacks of is the autochthonous red soil of the creation of all things. Tolstoi, aristocrat as he is by birth and education, is yet a peasant in his physical and spiritual character Natural Male Enhancement Pills a Russian peasant, with Natural Male Enhancement Pills the moujik s almost Oriental stubbornness of resignation and passivity. Like Whitman, he is one of the people, and in some respects he is Natural Male Enhancement Pills an incarnation of Russia, as Whitman was of America. But while there are many obvious relations between the two men, their what are the ingredients in extenze cont.rast is the more striking. Natural Male Enhancement Pills Natural Male Enhancement Pills Tolstoi has the Oriental tendency towards pessimism and asceticism. He sees the body and spirit in Natural Male Enhancement Pills irreconcilable conflict. And similarly he opposes forever pleasure and duty so that his is a message of the endless sacrifice of self. An abyss of terror surrounds him, from which he can only Natural Male Enhancement Pills escape by male enhancement surgery new jersey a life of resolute and opal male enhancement pill loving self Pg 296 devotion. 647 His gospel is one top rated male enhancement products of escape, and is in many respects nearer in spirit to Carlyle s than to Whitm

Natural Male Enhancement Pills

an s. Tolstoi s detestation of the State is, doubtless, largely traceable to the military despotism under which he has lived. There is a certain element of pessimism also, in the attitude of William Morris, as of Ruskin his master. But though he flings back the Golden Age into the thirteenth century, his gospel is really one of actual joy. When the Natural Male Enhancement Pills citizen finds pleasure in his daily work, the State will prosper such is his promise for the future, and Natural Male Enhancement Pills Natural Male Enhancement Pills his condemnation of Natural Male Enhancement Pills the present. Carlyle Natural Male Enhancement Pills urged men to work, in order to kill doubt, and silence the terrible questions but Morris f.inds that the questions are really answered by work, if only it is done in the spirit of the artist, and in fellowship with others. 648 Like Whitman, Morris was one who seemed to his friends almost terribly self sufficing he could stand alone, they thought. But strong as he seemed in his solitude, he was the poet of fellowship, of a fellowship which is man s fulfilment and immortal life. Though Whitman s view of that life was more philosophical, and his personality had a more mystical depth, the two men had much in common, especially in the aggressive and ele

mental masculinity of their character, and their superb joy and pride in themselves. It would be interesting to compare Whitman s general position with that Natural Male Enhancement Pills of Nietzsche Natural Male Enhancement Pills that most perplexing figure of young liquid male enhancement Germany in revolt from Hegel and all the past, from the restraint, system and conventions which threaten the liberty of safest male enhancement pill the individual spirit. But Nietzsche is difficult to summarise and Natural Male Enhancement Pills time has not yet given us the perspective in which alone male enhancement pills fast acting the general forms of his number one male enhancement gnc thought will become eviden.t. It is clear, however, that he staminon male enhancement reviews expresses that spirit of rebellion which was so marked a feature of the first Pg 297 Leaves of Grass a rebellion against all bondage, even though it call itself virtue and morality. And this, be it remembered, was Natural Male Enhancement Pills always a part of the Natural Male Enhancement Pills real Whitman it was the side of the Square Deific which he has aptly named Satan. Between Nietzsche s overman, jealous of every tittle of his identity, and always Natural Male Enhancement Pills a law unto himself, refusing Natural Male Enhancement Pills to bow his neck to the virtues and vices of the weaker brother and Whitman s self asserting Ego, there is the same striking resemblance. One can never omit the dogma of the sacredness of sel

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