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Male Enlargement y of burdens by rough and ready tactics, and amid the shrieks of husbands separated Male Enlargement from wives, children from parents, Bedouins from their priceless rolls of blankets, the tenders set off for a stern, stone building on a barren rock across the bay. The spirit of segregation gr.ew contagious. As we swung in against the rock I caught a haughty Bedouin attempting to separate me from my knapsack. A well Male Enlargement directed push landed him in the laps of several heavily veiled females and I sprang up a stairway cut in the face of the rock. The building at the summit bore the star and crescent, and the title Lazeret. In small groups we passed into a room where a pudgy faced man Male Enlargement in European garments, topped by a fez, stared at me long and quizzically before he Male Enlargement beckoned to the first of our party to approach. One by one my fellow passengers answered a few questions, received a paper signed by the man in the fez, and fell to quarreling with him over the price thereof. Well Male Enlargement they knew that no amount of bellowing could reduce the official fee, but as Orientals they could not have purchased a postage stamp without attempting to beat 110down the salesman. The offi

cer heaved a sigh of relief when I handed him without protest the five piastres demanded, and I passed on, still wondering why I had been taxed. The paper was in French as well as Turkish a.nd informed me that Male Enlargement I had paid for disinfection. Some Male Enlargement time after the v set expload male enhancement last man had paid his fee the female passengers had mysteriously disappeared a second door swung open, an official folded Male Enlargement our papers, tore a round hole in them, and we entered a room 72 hour sex pill containing several long tables. An unwashed and officious Arab handed to each of us a garment Male Enlargement not unlike a scanty nightshirt, and ordered us to strip. When our wardrobes had been laid Male Enlargement out on the tables in separate heaps, a half dozen ragged urchins appeared, rolled each heap into a bundle, and disappeared through a tight fitting steel door. Disinfecting a Frank was, evidently, a new problem in Male Enlargement the Lazeret of Beirut. bath mate reviews An urchin comparison of two stage pumping for male enhancement stared male sexual enhancement pills in india at my clothing, bawled something to the unwashed official, and passed me by. The officer picked my garments up one by one with a puzzled air, handed me my sweater and suspenders, as if he did not feel that such mysterious articles could be rated as clothing, Male Enlargement and sped away with

Male Enlargement

the rest. A long hour passed. The nightshirts lent their wearers neither dignity nor modesty. My own.had been designed for Male Enlargement the smallest of Arabs and did a white man meager service, but the jabbering natives would not have been in the least disturbed if their wardrobe had been reduced to the fig leaf of notorious past. The steel door opened. We filed into the next room and found our disinfected bundles arrayed on more long tables and steaming like newly boiled cabbages. As rapidly as the garments cooled, I Male Enlargement attired myself and turned out upon a tiny square before the Lazeret. Suddenly there rang out a cry for passports. An icy bubble ran up and down Male Enlargement my spine, but I stepped boldly forward and thrust my letter of introduction into the face of Male Enlargement a diminutive, white haired officer at the gate. He received it gingerly, as if expecting Male Enlargement it to explode in his hands, turned it up sidewise, upside down, sidewise once more, and, certain that he had found its proper position, began to run his finger up and down the lines, mumbling Male Enlargement to himself and shaking his head sagely from side to side. Slowly he turned, eyed me suspiciously, and after several preliminar

Male Enlargement y gurgles, w.heezed Paseeporto Paseeporto Sure, it s a passeporto hcg pills for sale I replied, nodding my head vigorously. The Male Enlargement officer glanced from where to buy birth control brand male enhancement pills the paper Male Enlargement fxm male enhancement reviews to my face and back Male Enlargement at rhino male enhancement 2 packs the paper several times, semenax gnc plainly as helpless before a problem for which Male Enlargement he knew no precedent as a child. The Male Enlargement doctor who had made out our disinfection 111slips stepped out into the square, and the officer, knowing that he read and spoke French, rushed upon him. The good leech Male Enlargement could hold the letter right side up, but he knew no more of its contents than the man who had read it sidewise. He turned to ply me with questions. I assured him that American Male Enlargement passpor

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