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Male Enlargement Pills arriors, and gradually induced all the tribes of the Slavs to pay him tribute and furnish soldiers. He was so successful that one year Male Enlargement Pills he embarked his men on two thousand boats, led them against the imperial city, and forced the Greeks themselves to add to his treasury. The land of Rus was in those days not the spacious Russia of our time. It spread little eastward beyond Novgorod and Kieff, and it was bounded by Male Enlargement Pills the.Khazars to the south and the Finns and Lithuanians to the north. But it Male Enlargement Pills was now Russia, a group of Slav tribes dominated by a military caste. It was, however, not yet a nation, certainly not a monarchy. Tax gathering and defence were the sole duties of the military Male Enlargement Pills chief, and as the Slavs had demanded the one they were not unprepared for the other. But the germ of autocracy was now planted in the soil, and the terrible events of the next few centuries would foster its Male Enlargement Pills Male Enlargement Pills baleful development. CHAPTER II THE Male Enlargement Pills DESCENT TO AUTOCRACY It is sometimes said that the Slav people lost its democratic institutions because it was too pacific to defend them. It is true that an agricultural people would tend to be more pacific than h

unting tribes like the Asiatics who surrounded them, but the native peacefulness of the Slav Male Enlargement Pills has probably been exaggerated. The early Russians seem to have Male Enlargement Pills been as much addicted to hunting and fishing as extenze extended release to tilling the soil, and the long winter, when all agricultural work was suspended for six months, would encourage the men to hunt the furry.animals which abounded. Certain it is that both the monk Nestor and the Greek Emperor Maurice represent the primitive Slav as far from meek, and the Male Enlargement Pills chronicle informs us of constant and even deadly quarrelling. The truth is that the democracy of Male Enlargement Pills the Slavs was too little developed. It was nearer does edging increase sperm akin to Anarchism than to Socialism, and the mind of the race was not as yet sufficiently advanced to grasp the political exigencies of the new situation. There buy a penis pump was no national consciousness, and there could Male Enlargement Pills be no national male enhancement alpha max 10 defence and administration, best mens male enhancement pills because there was no nation and a body of disconnected communities, scattered over a wide area, was in Male Enlargement Pills those days bound to succumb to marauders. Russian historians of the official school eagerly point out that Male Enlargement Pills the situation plainly called for a monarch

Male Enlargement Pills

ic institution, and that the monarchs rendered great service in welding the scattered communities into a nation. That they did unite the people and make the great Russia of to day is obvious. It is equally obvious that, with rare exceptions, they did this in their ow.n interest, and that in all cases they exacted a reward which made serfs of the independent Slavs, sowed corruption amongst the rising middle class, and laid upon all an intolerable burden. The period of the Norse warrior Male Enlargement Pills chiefs and their descendants lasted about three centuries, and it fully exposes the fallacy of the monarchic principle. From Male Enlargement Pills being military servants the Norsemen rapidly became, as is customary, princes and parasites. As long as they discharged their duty, binding the communities and securing for them Male Enlargement Pills the necessary Male Enlargement Pills peace against external foes, this departure from the primitive democracy might be Male Enlargement Pills regarded as merely a regrettable necessity. But the sheep soon found that the protecting dog was first cousin of the wolf, The principle of hereditary succession and the practice of providing for all sons and relatives soon led to Male Enlargement Pills a worse confusion than e

ver, and the distracted and weakened country was prepared for a foreign invasion. The long and sanguinary history of the descendants of Rurik may be briefly sketched Male Enlargement Pills before we see how the aut.ocratic Mongols beat a testosterone for penis enlargement path for the autocratic Tsars. Oleg, who had united the Male Enlargement Pills Slav tribes under his ill defined rule, was murdered in the year 945. To the north of Kieff a tribe known as the Drevlians tree folk wandered in Male Enlargement Pills the forests and paid a reluctant and uncertain tribute in furs. When Oleg tried penis enlargment to enforce his tax upon these, they captured him and tied him to two young trees in such fashion that, when the bent trees royal honey male enhancement reviews were released, Oleg s body was torn asunder. Oleg s widow, Olga, was a handsome Valkyrie of the masterful northern type, and she sent her armies to scatter the thunders jeagle male enhancement exercise of Thor among the wild foresters. It is said that she afterwards visited increase semen the Male Enlargement Pills Greek capital and was won to the Christian religion. She lives as St. Olga Male Enlargement Pills in the calendar of the Male Enlargement Pills Russian Church. Her successor involved the Russians in long and terrible wars Male Enlargement Pills with Constantinople, to enforce his ambitious claim to Bulgaria, and at his death the fierce feuds and

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