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Do Penis Extenders Work plan, but the 70 per cent profit plan, since, if there were profits, he could not Do Penis Extenders Work then get them all, but the publisher would be sure to get 30 per Do Penis Extenders Work cent Do Penis Extenders Work of it.This was just like General Grant. It was ab.solutely impossible for him to entertain for a moment any proposition which might prosper him at the Do Penis Extenders Work risk of any other man.After the contract had been drawn and signed, I remembered I had offered to advance the general some money and that he had said he might possibly need 10,000 before the book issued. The circumstance had been forgotten and was not in the contract, but I had the luck to remember it before leaving town so I went back and told Col. Fred Do Penis Extenders Work Grant to draw upon Webster for the 10,000 whenever it should be wanted.That was the only thing forgotten in the contract, and it was now rectified and everything was smooth.And now I come to a circumstance which I have never spoken Do Penis Extenders Work of and which cannot be known for many years to come, for this paragraph must not be published until the mention of so private a matter cannot offend any living person.The contract was drawn by the great law firm of Alexander

Green, on my part, and Clarence Seward, son of Mr. Lincoln s Secretary of State, on the part of General Grant.Appended to the contract was a transfer of.the book to General Grant s wife, and the transfer from her to my firm for the consideration of 1,000 in hand paid.This was to prevent Do Penis Extenders Work the general s creditors from seizing vampire male enhancement cream the proceeds of the book.Webster Do Penis Extenders Work had said, Yes, when the sum named was a male enhancement surgery kansas city thousand dollars, and, after he had signed the contract and was leaving the law office, Do Penis Extenders Work he mentioned, incidentally, that the thousand dollars was of course a mere formality in such a Do Penis Extenders Work paper, and meant nothing. But Mr. Seward took him privately aside and Do Penis Extenders Work said, Do Penis Extenders Work black mamba male enhancement side effects No, it means just what it says for the general s family have not a penny in Do Penis Extenders Work the house and they are waiting at this moment with lively anxiety for customer reviews extenze maximum strength male enhancement that small sum of money. Webster was astonished. He drew a check at once and Mr. Seward gave it to a messenger boy and told him to take it swiftly by the speediest route to General Grant top male sex supplements s house, and not let the grass grow under Do Penis Extenders Work his feet.It was a shameful thing that the man who had saved this country and its gov

Do Penis Extenders Work

ernment from destruction should still be in a position where so small a sum so trivial an amount as 1,0.00 Do Penis Extenders Work could be looked upon as a godsend. Everybody knew that the general was in reduced circumstances, but what a storm Do Penis Extenders Work would have gone up all over the land if the people Do Penis Extenders Work could have known that his poverty had reached such a point as this.The newspapers all over the land had been lauding the princely generosity of the Century people in paying General Grant the goodly sum of 1,500 for three magazine articles, whereas, if they had paid him the amount which was his just due for them, he Do Penis Extenders Work would still have been able to keep his carriage and not have been worrying about 1,000. Neither the newspapers nor the Do Penis Extenders Work public were probably aware that fifty five years earlier the publishers of an annual Do Penis Extenders Work in London had offered little Tom Moore twice 1,500 for two articles and had told him to make them long or short and to write about whatever he pleased. The difference between the financial value of any article written by Tom Moore in his best day and a war article written by General Grant in these days was about as one to

fifty.To go back awhile. After being a month or two in.the West, during the winter of 1884 85, I returned to the East, reaching New York about the 20th of February.No agreement had at that time been reached as to the contract, but I called at General Grant s house simply to inquire after his health, for Do Penis Extenders Work I had seen reports male enhancement real reviews in the newspapers that he had been sick and confined to his house for Do Penis Extenders Work Do Penis Extenders Work some time.The last time I had been at his house he told me that he had stopped smoking because of the trouble in his throat, which the physicians had said would Do Penis Extenders Work be quickest cured in that way. But while I was in the West the newspapers had reported that this throat affection was believed Do Penis Extenders Work to be in the nature of Do Penis Extenders Work a cancer. However, on the morning of my arrival in New York the newspapers had reported that the physicians had said that how to increase the size of your load the general was penis traction study a great deal better than he python 4k male performance enhancement had been and was getting along very comfortably. So, when I Do Penis Extenders Work called at rhino 7 5000 male enhancement the house, I went up to the general s room Do Penis Extenders Work and shook hands and said I was very glad he was so much better and so well along on the road to perfect health again.He smiled and sa

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