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Bathmate Review st time. It was.not even the first offer I had received, for, more than ten years previous, in consequence of my opinions on the irish Land question, Mr Lucas and Mr Duffy, in the name of the popular party in Ireland, offered to bring me into Parliament for an Irish County, which they could easily have done but the incompatibility of a seat in Parliament with the office I then held in the India House, precluded even consideration of the proposal. After I had quitted the India House, several of my friends would gladly have Bathmate Review seen me a member of Parliament but there seemed Bathmate Review no probability that the idea would ever take any practical shape. I was convinced that no numerous or influential portion of any electoral body, really wished Bathmate Review to be represented by a person of my opinions and Bathmate Review that one who possessed no local connexion or popularity, and who did not choose to stand as the mere organ of a party had small chance of being elected anywhere unless through the expenditure of Bathmate Review money. Now it was, and is, my fixed conviction, that a candidate ought not to incur one Bathmate Review farthing of expe.nse for undertaking a public duty. Such of the lawful expenses of an election

as have Bathmate Review no special reference male enhancer pills over the counter to any particular candidate, ought to be borne as a public charge, either by the State or by the locality. What has to be done by Bathmate Review the supporters of each candidate in order to bring his claims properly before the constituency, should be done by unpaid agency or by voluntary subscription. Bathmate Review If members of the electoral body, or others, are willing to subscribe money el torito male enhancement pill of their own for blue rhino male enhancement love shack the purpose of bringing, by lawful means, into Parliament some one who they think would be useful there, no one is entitled to object but Bathmate Review that the expense, or any part of it, should fall on the candidate, is fundamentally wrong because it amounts in reality to buying his seat. Even on the most favourable supposition as to the mode in which male enhancement pill pull from market because of viagara lawsuit the money Bathmate Review is expended, there is a legitimate suspicion that any one who gives money for leave to undertake a public trust, has other Bathmate Review than public ends to promote by it and a consideration of the greatest importance the cost of elections.when borne by the candidates, deprives the nation of the services, as members of Parliament, of all who peppmint male enhancement cannot or will not afford to incur a heavy expense. I do not say that,

Bathmate Review

so long as there is scarcely a chance for an independent candidate to come into Parliament without complying with this vicious practice, it must always be morally wrong in him to spend money, provided that no part of it is either directly or indirectly employed in corruption. But, to justify Bathmate Review it, he ought to be very certain that he can be of more use to his country as Bathmate Review a member of Parliament than in any other mode which is open to him and this assurance, in my own case, I did not feel. It was by no means clear to me that I could do more to advance the public Bathmate Review objects which had a claim on my exertions, from the benches of the House of Commons, Bathmate Review than from the simple position of a writer. I felt, therefore, that Bathmate Review I ought not to seek election to Parliament, much less to expend any money in procuring it. But the conditions of the question were considerably altered when a body of electors s.ought me out, and spontaneously offered to bring Bathmate Review me forward as their Bathmate Review candidate. If it should appear, on explanation, that they persisted in this wish, knowing my opinions, and accepting the only conditions on which I could conscientiously serve, it was questionable wh

ether this was not one of those calls upon a member of the community by his fellow citizens, which he was scarcely justified in rejecting. I therefore male sexual enhancement subliminal put their disposition to the proof by one of the Bathmate Review frankest explanations ever tendered, I should Bathmate Review think, to an electoral body by a candidate. I wrote, in reply to the offer, a letter for publication, saying that I had no personal wish to be a member of Bathmate Review parliament, that I thought a candidate ought neither to marcus london male enhancement pills canvass nor to incur any expense, and that I could not consent to do either. I said natural male enhancement fake further, that Bathmate Review if elected, I could not undertake to give any of my time and labour to their local interests. With respect to the biggest pennis in d world general politics, orange male enhancement pill I told them without reserve, what I thought on a number of important subjects on which they had asked my opinion of these being the suffrage, I made known to them, among other things, my conviction as I was bound to do, since Bathmate Review I intended, if elected, to act on it , that women were Bathmate Review entitled to representation in Parliament on the same terms with men. It was the first time, doubtless, that such a doctrine had ever been mentioned to English electors Bathmate Review and the fact that I wa

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